Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sunroof! - Panzer Division Lou Reed

Panzer Division Lou Reed
(08.2007, VHF)

Sunroof! Is the alter ego of prolific noise man Matthew Bower. Bower has a pretty impressive resume already as a member of Skullflower, Hototogisu and formerly of Total. He has also been a contributor to the Vibracathedral Orchestra and recently started a new project called Mirag to add to the limitless number of albums with which he has production credits. While Sunroof! has generally tended to be his most blissful project, Panzer Division Lou Reed is definitely the most abrasive Sunroof! album yet. Bower brings a couple friends aboard including Sunburned Hand of the Man’s John Moloney on drum smattering and Mick Flower, of Vibracathedral Orchestra, assigned to guitar torturing. Bower remains at the helm, piloting the vociferous bluster of Panzer Division Lou Reed into an ecstatic revelation. Obliterated buildings of static feedback, frantic, jumbled drumming, psych guitar noodling and the deep forest squalls from jungle primates join forces to create a stack of deafening grandeur. Panzer Division Lou Reed unfolds in four lengthy tracks, self conscious of the time necessary to patiently penetrate them. Like the grizzled TV static of an empty cable station hijacked by noise terrorists and injected with melody, Sunroof! is a monstrous breath of fresh air.

-Mr. Thistle

Sunroof! - "Slew Plateaus #1"(exerpt)

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