Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Magik Markers - Boss

Magik Markers
(09.2007, Ecstatic Peace)

Magik Markers are really a terrible band and I mean that in the best possible way. They play horribly and, up to this point in their career, have subsisted mostly on skuzz induced CD-R releases where the music seemed practically duct taped together. Yet, somehow amongst this anti-praise the Markers have maintained charm for their reckless punk abandon and the urgency of their insanely insane live shows (for evidence visit the Urban Lounge on Monday, October 8th for possibly the best worst or the worst worst rock show you have ever seen). Boss is Magik Markers' second release on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label and is actually, ahem, accessible? Take that term for what it is worth because Magik Markers still suck pretty terribly, but their new Sonic Youth worshiping rock splatter actually takes form; even if the instruments they are playing sound like they are going to fall apart at any second. The real shocker here is the two tracks for which the band slows down and strips down for their first ballads. The piano laced "Empty Bottle" and acoustic guitar backing for "Bad Dream/Hartford's Beat Suite" break the Markers into an unexpectedly beautiful territory that is an effortless success. On Boss, Magik Markers take standard rock conventions and still manage to make a volatile, freewheeling mess of it. This is a staggering endorsement for the best worst band you'll ever hear.

-Mr Thistle

Magik Markers - "Bad Dream"

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