Monday, October 1, 2007


It is all happening Saturday this week…

First and foremost – (10/6) Saturday, DEEEEEEEEEEERRRRHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF will be signing autographs and being generally appeasing indie rock gods and goddesses at In The Venue. There is absolutely no reason you should miss this show*; break out of prison, forget about your emergency medical treatment – let me reiterate: DDEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFOFFOFOFOFOF is playing at In The Venue on Saturday.

*Now, with that said, Slowtrain has booked the only imaginable show that could possibly make me feel bad for choosing to go to Deerhoof! instead. For their upcoming Local Night Slowtrain has brought together the best grouping of SLC bands I've ever wanted to see. (10/6) Saturday, starting at 7PM, Slowtrain will host the deliriously wonderful blues punk of Pink Lightnin', Mathematics Etc., the glorious noise rock onslaught of Blackhole - and if that wasn’t enough – Forest Gospel's hands down favourite (local or not) live performer and new musician, Aye Aye, will be playing his unique brand of experimental blues. Trust when we say that this show is for every single soul who doesn’t make it to Deerhoof! Oh, and its free - so poor people can attend as well.

Upcoming Shows:

10/8 – Magik Markers – Urban Lounge
10/8 – The Twilight Sad – Kilby Court
10/11 – Atmosphere – In The Venue
10/13 – John Vanderslice, Bishop Allen - Kilby Court
10/14 – French Quarters, Foot Ox, Alas Alak Alaska (4pm) - Slowtrain
10/14 – White Rabbits – Kilby Court
10/15 – Interpol, Liars – McKay Events Center
10/15 – Morrissey – Thanksgiving Point
10/17 – Laura Gigson, Johanna Kunin, Musee Mecanique, Band of Annuals – Kilby C.
10/19 – Phosphorescent – Kilby Court
10/20 – Pinback – The Depot
10/22 – Aesop Rock, Black Moth Super Rainbow – In the Venue
10/24 – Caribou, Born Ruffians – Urban Lounge
10/26 – Busdriver, Daedelus – In the Venue
10/26 – Tiger Army – In the Venue
10/27 – Architecture In Helsinki, Glass Candy - In the Venue
10/27 – Menomena! – Kilby Court
10/21 – Little Brother, Evidence – Big Deluxe Tattoos
11/2 – Regina Spektor – In the Venue
11/3 – Velella Velella – Kilby Court
10/4 – Cryptacize (ex Deerhoof) – Kilby Court
11/4 – The Ponys, Chin Up Chin Up – Urban Lounge
11/7 – Ghostface, Rakim, Brother Ali – Harry O's
11/7 – Do Make Say Think, Apostle of Hustle – Urban Lounge
11/9 – De La Soul – The 23rd Floor
11/13 – The Velvet Teen – Kilby Court
11/15-18 – "High School Musical" on Ice Tour – Energy Solutions Arena
11/16 – Celebration – Kilby Court
11/16 – Of Montreal, Grand Buffet – In the Venue
11/16 – Fog – Urban Lounge
12/4 – Pedro the Lion – Kilby Court
12/7 – Iron and Wine – Salt Air


Kirk said...

Excellent Blog. It's feels great to finally find someone representing Northern Utah. Keep them reviews and updates coming!

Kirk in Logan

Mr. Thistle said...

Thank you sir. We are glad to have your input.

acbrozek said...

sorry to make you choose between local night and deerhoof. we blame pink lightin' and the fact that their members are in about a billion other amazing bands that keep their schedules on virtual lock down.

andrew said...

thanks for hyping me up you two.