Monday, October 8, 2007

Blues Control - Self Titled

Blues Control
Blues Control
(05.2007, Holy Mountain)

By the sounds of things "blues control" is the antithesis of what this band has. As skuzz-fuzz, skronk chameleons, any inherent blues the band has seems to be seeping out of the sides. This, I think, is how the band intends it: muddy, contorted sonic soundscapes wrestling with the idea of blues. The duo, featuring Lea Cho on keys and Russ Waterhouse on strings, seem well traveled by including a wide array of world music influences. The music has a serious gipsy or Jamaican vibe to it: I can't quite pin it down as one or the other. The combined circus of fractured blues and inner city Caribbean A.D.D. can also sound unexpectedly robotic. I know this all sounds like some bizarre contradiction of terms. How about you listen to this thing and try and tell me what it is? All I know is that this is a mess and a glorious one at that. Blistering with robotic heart, reggae fever and flame-scorched southern blues; Blues Control seems to be operating under some kind of island zombie-ism that perpetuates their distorted attack like a mindless lust for the taste of human skin. A gorgeous nightmare, Blues Control's self titled, Holy Mountain debut is not to be missed.

-Mr. Thistle

Blues Control – "Blues Control excerpt"

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