Friday, October 12, 2007

Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted

Lucky Soul
The Great Unwanted
(05.2007, Ruffa Lane)

Even with a penchant for experimental, dissonant and sometimes harsh musical mediums, occasional dips into some sugary, retro girl pop is a laughable but honest oasis from the strain and exhaustion of those other musical forms. Lucky Soul is one of those. I often use the word pop as a descriptor, so often that I have rendered it almost useless, however, The Great Unwanted is pop in the most unabashedly classical way. Taking clear influence from the similar music that paraded through the 60's, Lucky Soul embodies big eye lashes and polka dot dresses. It is pretty hilarious writing these bunny rabbit descriptors, but such is the nuanced charm. The Great Unwanted is a novelty record that somehow broke its way into indie circles. It is the kind of record that mocks indie pretentions by breaking hipsters into submission to its straight forward hooks that almost scream 'cute'. I don't know what it is but there must be some invisible edge that makes these tunes so much greater then the equation that created them. It's the perfect record to invigorate moody car passengers into losing their inhibitions and partying to the gentle restraint of their seatbelts. I think in the end, the albums real seller is its ability to make you smile. First you smirk at the idea that you are actually listening to music like this, then the smile widens sarcastically as you let loose (for the sake of humor, of course) and mockingly bob your head as if you are enjoying – then, suddenly and without warning you realize that your smile is no longer sarcastic but genuine and all of the sudden you are the one that has to explain why it is ok that you are smiling. And it is: it's ok.

-Mr. Thistle

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