Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Future of The Ghost - Freak Out

The Future of the Ghost
Freak Out
(10.2007, Self Released)

Local rock star Will Sartain has yet again assembled an incredibly solid group of talent for his current musical project, The Future of The Ghost. Their first album, Freak Out, was released in conjunction with an exceptional opening set for Deerhoof earlier this month. The Future of The Ghost is a great live band. Their sound is solid and consistently gets the crowds' heads rocking. I was worried that the energy from their live shows wouldn't carry over well to disc, but surprise, it does! It's twelve song of pure energetic pop rock, catchy as all get out. Will's forced vocals work well in this standard rock setting. The recording quality is high. The sound is crisp and precise. The only downfall of this album is it's occasional likeness to subpar pop punk of the nineties, and by that I mean- some songs remind me way too much of Millencolin (particularly track #3.) Don't get me wrong, those moments are few and far between. Most of the album is comparable to standard rock masterminds of our time, particularly Figurines, (especially on "Love") whom I absolutely adore. Most of the stand-out tracks are in the first half of the album. "Run Free Little Bird", which opens Freak Out, title track "Freak out" and "Counter Culture In The Twenty-First Century" are some of my favorites. Although, I am also quite fond of the closer "It Goes Down" as well. It's a perfect track to finish off an incredibly solid and consistent rock album.


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