Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Angels of Light - We Are Him

Angels of Light
We Are Him
(08.2007, Young God)

On Michael Gira's fifth release as Angels of Light the apocalypse is still imminent. The former Swans front man hardened voice breathes devastating gothic Americana to continued success with We Are Him. Maintaining his Akron/Family backing band that he acquired with as a result of their 2005 split album, Gira has focused the bands primal energy, seemingly capturing their true essence and molding it to his sinister purposes. We Are Him contains some of the Angels of Light projects most rollicking songs to date with perpetual scorchers like "Black River Song" and the title track, "We Are Him". Gira drives his Angels in a similar style to past releases, thriving on repetitive apocalyptic verses that rarely breaks into a chorus. The form of his songs seems to squirm uncomfortably because of their unfamiliar structure; however, repeated listens reveal that this is really the only structure that suits Angels of Light as the repetition and mid-song U turns empower Gira's dark sermons. We Are Him might not contain any drastic changes from past Angels of Light releases yet Gira seems to be continually picking up speed with each successive release, building an increasingly powerful set of songs set at the dawn of Judgment Day. We Are Him is a complex, repeatedly rewarding album that may be the best Angels of Light release to date; a must hear for 2007

-Mr Thistle

Angels of Light - "We Are Him"


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