Monday, October 29, 2007

Alex Delivery - Star Destroyer

Alex Delivery
Star Destroyer
(04.2007, Jagjaguwar)

The opening track of Star Destroyer, "Komad" is a glitchy experimental mess of a song, with loud percussion, screeching noises, and haphazard vocals that almost harmonize, but not quite. It builds up for some time before going into an industrial bridge which brings you into the last half of the song, reminiscent of the Dozers on Fraggle Rock mixed with other mythical creatures and the harsh monsters that pursue them. "Komad" is an absolutely great track, if only that could be said about the rest of the album. The subsequent tracks on Star Destroyer loose that "Komad" edge, replacing it with a lot of messy haze and mediocrity. There are great moments scattered throughout the entire album, but there really isn't another track without at least a bit of boring in it. The vocals especially loose their edge and begin to sound like a drunken karaoke lazily thrown across the music rather than working with it. Star Destroyer has loads of potential. I just don't feel that it reached as high as it could have. It's still a very interesting listen and I am excited to hear more from Alex Delivery. They have stumbled across a great sound, I'm just not sure they know quite what to do with it yet.


Alex Delivery - "Komad"

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