Friday, October 26, 2007

Foot Ox - Ghost

Guest Review
Foot Ox
(10.2007 String Wind Percussion)

"You're staring at your sleeping 3-year-old daughter. Just remember she can't survive on Top Ramen and tap water. So send her back to the factory where they make human beings. Her tiny crippled face will always haunt your vivid dreams until you're numb." And so goes the morbid romp that is Foot Ox's debut album, Ghost. Foot Ox hails from Tempe, Arizona and plays a strange brand of pop folk that reminds me of a quirkier, more youthful Neutral Milk Hotel (minus the distortion) with Sad Sappy Sucker era Isaac Brock vocals. Foot Ox is lead by Teague Cullen with the help of over a dozen friends and a toy box full of instruments ranging from a circuit bent Casio, pianolin, xylophone, harmonium, singing saw and anything else you might pick up at a thrift store. On each of the twelve tracks Teague paints mental pictures with his pre-pubescent vocals (a draw for me, maybe a turnoff for others) about horrible demons, bad mothers, a girl with a pig's head, and growing up. All of these mini adventures are quick and the whole album is over is under twenty minutes. Which is fitting, because often life's most simple pleasures are over as soon as they arrive. But I guess you can always press repeat.

-Wooly Mammal

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