Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chaz Prymek - Everything is Wrong, Everything is Fine

Chaz Prymek
Everything Is Wrong, Everything Is Fine
(08.2007, Self Released)

As Salt Lake City's resident fret torturer, Chaz Prymek's debut solo release does little tormenting. Everything Is Wrong, Everything is Fine is strict acoustic guitar affair with little use of further furnishing. Prymek's acoustics are reminiscent of Nick Zammuto from The Books with a bit more flare, seeing as how the pieces sustain themselves without the former reference's samples and cello. The album opener, "Sammis Porh" drifts pleasantly with a light brass accompaniment into what turns out to be a mostly delicate affair. Spanning eight tracks and just over a half hour of music, Prymek's debut is just the dosage necessary to induce a shady nap. Chaz seems to hit every step perfectly, but with slight caution, rarely experimenting with possibilities outside the form of the first track. While this creates a consistent ride it also fails to be completely memorable, more often then not soundtracking the background rather than becoming a bold singular statement. The talent is undeniable but the creativity is the waning point. However, the talent is so formidable here that creativity would be almost unnecessary…almost. Everything Is Wrong, Everything Is Fine is still a powerful starting point and is certainly recommended.

-Mr. Thistle

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