Thursday, August 30, 2007

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Postition

Patrick Wolf
The Magic Position
(05.2007, Fontana Universal)

Patrick Wolf is an Irish singer/ songwriter/ vionlinist/ self-recording/ child prodigy. Wolf started recording at a young age, and by the time he reached 14 yrs, he had caught the attention of Fat Cat Records, who supplied him with a computer and mixing tools to records his music. At age 16 he formed Maison Crimineaux. Now, his solo project has taken the forefront. The Magic Position is his 3rd release as a solo artist. It's familiar pop is layered with eccentric abstract sounds. The album is variable with dense electronic tracks to piano ballads. It is written like a symphony with swellings and recessions. Elegantly eclectic and charming though it may be, sometimes I find myself a little put-off by the drama. At times a little too youth angsty, his ultimate serious nature doesn't seem to mesh well with the album cover, which makes him look like Mad TV's "Stuart." His voice is a little distracting for me as well. Loungy at times, reminiscent of Bowie smashed with Manilow, he adds a very different voice to chamber pop. Overall its a fairly delightful listen, but laden with distractions.

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Alex said...

Forest Gospel? That's supposed to be an Animal Collective reference, right?
I live in Orem, and will definitely be visiting your blog often. Such a great find! Keep it up.