Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

The Field
From Here We Go Sublime
(2007, Kompakt)

From Here We Go Sublime plays like a synthetic drizzle, pleasantly and relentlessly pattering against your ear drums. Processing light beats on a perpetual 4/4 time signature The Field’s latest, though almost immediately satisfying, lacks what true minimalist-beat-repetatives strive for: increasing depth with the lapse of time. The Field just seems to continually skim the surface of greatness while slowly penetrating your subconscious. It is kind of frustrating because FHWGS glides remarkably close to its end goal whilst rarely taking a drink. There are a couple of tracks that do take sips however as the album progresses. "Everyday" manages to collapse into enjoyment upon the introduction of a melting vocal sample a third of the way in along with similarly (identically?) structured tracks like "The Deal". "Sun & Ice's" climactic break into inspiration hangs on a single 2 second foray into glitch after which all remains intact. The extreme restrain and simultaneous daring of this move is somewhat dazzling but it can’t help but nag at a desire for more moves like this in similar (i.e., all the other) tracks. It is only in the final minutes of the title (and final) track that the tempo slows and the electronically manipulated cogs begin to unravel before finally being laid to bed. With all these moments, the movement implied in the album title is a bit misleading seeing as how the album touches down millimeters from where it left off. I guess the argument is why stray from a path that is already so markedly agreeable? Even with my critiques there is an undeniable gratification from to listening to From Here We Go Sublime. The restraint is maintained admirably and almost overpowers the desire for risks. The last complement I will afford this record is that it is surprisingly rewarding for its inherent risklessness.

-Mr. Thistle

The Field - "Sun & Ice"

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great album! download it here