Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Liars - Liars

(08.2007, Mute)

Liars have created a quick follow up with this their 4th, but first self-titled release. Coming off the return to critical acclaim that Drums Not Dead provided (just as a note They Were Wrong So We Drowned is my favourite Liars album to date and it got wasted critically; goes to show what critics know…wait, uh, well FG are fake critics anyway :)) Liars seem to have taken some additional confidence in their abilities. The band continues on the chameleon path they have been driving over the years. Definitely the most accessible release since their debut, Liars has bridged the gap from Drums Not Dead to a poppier use of their precious drums and a further advancement into their meshing of experimentation and rock sensibilities. Unfortunately, while the album does find some points of enjoyment the majority is dry and lifeless. The Liars have always been known to challenge their fans and for me this is a blatantly challenging album in that it seems to lack any of the heart or fun of their previous releases. It is definitely new ground for the band (I can't argue creative stagnancy), it's just that I would never guess that making something so much easier to swallow would make it additionally more inaccessible. Leave it to the Liars to destroy all concepts of logic.

-Mr. Thistle

Liars - "Cycle Time"

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andrew said...

yeah dude, when did they get ozzy to sing for them?
totally though.