Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Atherton - Skyline Motel

Local Review
Skyline Motel
(2007, Groundloop Records)

Atherton bears an unmistakably similar sound to Ryan Adams. From the vocals to instrumentation Atherton’s debut absolutely emanates Adams in the most alt-country moments of his career (don’t ask me which of his moments haven’t been alt-country). While this fact does hinder any type of ground breaking originality from the band it isn’t a sore comparison. Adams, despite his ridiculously pompous moments, has made some genuinely wonderful music and Atherton takes all its cues humbly from these moments. Skyline Motel flows quite beautifully at points, rivaling anything in the alt-country field that seems to be a towering force along the Wasatch Front these days. How Atherton succeeds in a genre that sometimes strangles Salt Lake with the number of its bands is by out-beautifying their contemporaries. Atherton’s tear marked ballads can’t save them from occasional repetitiveness though. The album can be so relaxing and steadily unchanging that you may just find yourself asleep before its end. Skyline Motel works kind of like a lazy river, so that nap may not be all too undesirable. Atherton fits nicely in-between Cub Countrys and Band of Annuals of the world. The question invariably comes as to whether you need anyone else in-between your Cub Country and Band of Annuals. The consistency of Skyline Motel may be just convincing enough to make you answer yes.

-Mr. Thistle

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