Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History Of Rust

Do Make Say Think
You, You're A History Of Rust
(2007, Constellation)

On their fifth album, Constellation records mainstay Do Make Say Think continue to prove their consistency and that Canada’s “other” post rock band has been worth its weight in gold all along. With label mates Godspeed You Black Emperor on an indefinite hiatus, DMST’s baroque indie pop post rock may finally receive the shine it deserves. It is really too bad that this far into their career I still am mentioning GSYBE because DMST are as different as bands of the same genre could hope to be (and yes with band names as long as these acronyms are going to become necessary). While GSYBE single mindedly built crescendo after crescendo, DMST wanders into a decidedly more dynamic school of composition, not relying on the forced emotion of their contemporaries (Explosions in the Sky…). Having lent band members to Broken Social Scene it easy to see where BSS gets its knack for melody. It is probably that association that has inspired DMST to add some substantial vocals to some of its songs for the first time. For skeptics wary of projects like A Silver Mt. Zion let me assure you that the effect is pure splendor. On You, You’re a History of Rust DMST even wanders into some acoustic folk instrumentals that move like a beautiful babbling brook. The album is definitely light hearted and can be a bit low moving at first but repeated listens have garnered serious rewards. Do not miss this one.

-Mr. Thistle

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