Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I keep forgetting to post all these lovely goodies that I run into. So, let's catch up a little today.

A new video featuring the song "Seahorse" from Devendra Banhart's new release Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon has been posted on youtube. It seems like a slightly jazzier side is coming out Devendra. Watch for this album to be released September 25th.

The end of October (the 23rd to be exact) we will see an amazing new album from Black Dice released. This album seems like it may just show a catchy-er side of the band. I already love this track. This is by far the best goodie I will be posting today.

Black Dice - Kokomo

Also, watch for the new Akron/Family album "Love Is Simple" which is due out September 18th. This single has interestingly strange lyrics. I am curious and want to hear the album front to back. I don't think that this one song is giving us an adequate representation of what the album will be like, but I guess we'll see.

Akron Family - "Phenomena"

I'm sure you have all hear the mass amounts of publicity that the new M.I.A. album is receiving. As much as I love Arular, Kala just doesn't seem to be holding up. It's more dancy, with a whole lot less of those deep base amazing beats that we grew to love from the old album. Here is a sample clip from a song she covered called "Jimmy."


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