Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Justice - Cross

(2007, Vice Records)

Bent on the thickest, rubberiest beats, Justice goes for the jugular straight out of the gate. With a tight grip on your jaw it can be pretty hard not to nod your head and grin mindlessly as Justice provides the most amazingly awesome dance beats that where ever inspired. This album is absolutely nuts; not only does it force you to dance but it destroys all of your inhibitions forcing you to create ridiculous new dance moves. The production here is immaculate with every sound meticulously mixed making sounds you have only imagined in your wildest dance dreams (come on, you have them too). The French duo’s debut harkens Thriller era Michael Jackson being infused with a distinctive 1980’s affected soul. There is also a mandatory name check here: Daft Punk, yeah - these guys are influenced. Anywho, Cross is hitting the summer a bit late but with enough bass to vibrate your scrawny behind warmly through the winter. An unashamed dance album that is instantly accessible and endlessly fun.

-Mr. Thistle

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sassigrass said...

That video was awesome!