Monday, August 6, 2007

Frog Eyes - Tears Of The Valedictorian

Frog Eyes
Tears Of The Valedictorian
(2007, Absolutely Kosher)

Canada is rocking our U.S. brains out lately. British Columbia's, Frog Eyes newest release, Tears Of The Valedictorian has shown a more accessible rock n' roll side of the band. The album's carnival feeling was undoubtedly partially due to the additional band member, Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug, whose rowdy keyboards are sure to add a little circus into any album he touches. Lead man Carey Mercer's vocals are actually very similar to Wolf Parade/ Sunset Rubdown's Krug. This albums similarity to the two bands is obvious, and yet it has its own dramatic air. I would recommend it to fans of either band. Tears of the Valedictorian is an intense listen. The new sound is energetically full and loudly expansive. It's a great starting point album for folks who haven't ever listened to Frog Eyes before.

- Sassigrass

Frog Eyes - "Bushels"

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