Monday, March 10, 2008

XBXRX - Sounds

(08.2007, Important)
Verdict = Above Par Noise Rock Improvisations

Hanging up their spazz rock blitzkrieg momentarily, Sounds documents XBXRX dipping their toes into noisy improvisation. Wholly instrumental, Sounds follows the band as they burn through seven tracks of deafening squalor, enhancing the depth of their already toothy bite. I guess I should retract my opening statement. This is definitely spazzy and most certainly rock, however, gone is the structure that could once allow their tracks to be differentiated as “Songs.” Now, a new level of drug induced jazz has been added to the mix, so while it may be immediately recognizable as XBXRX, it is still perfectly conceivable that it a product of their making. The whole experiment is anchored on its incredible percussion. The drums flow forth like a waterfall of drum sticks, cymbals and drum sets all crashing together as they plunge into a sea of instruments below. Swelling, subduing and then swelling again, the album avoids some of the pitfalls of similarly cacophonous free noise rock albums by allowing you periods with which to breathe. Even so, this isn’t a crossover album by any means and would probably fail to be a necessary staple for most. For me however, in light of a recent push to avoid the sterility of the avant, the album still holds sway. There is enough rock among the smattering schizophrenic garble to insight repeat listens for purposes beyond anything intellectual. Which is to say: if you’re not moving to this record, you are listening to it wrong.

-Mr. Thistle

XBXRX - "Infancy of Millions Pt. 1"

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