Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ned Collette - Future Suture

Ned Collette
Future Suture
(09.2007, Dot Dash)
Verdict = Solid Folk Rock Grower

Ned Collette’s brand of psych tinged folk rock isn’t ground breaking by any means. Picking through ruminative songs on acoustic guitar, Collette is easy to dismiss in a sea of singer songwriters doing exactly the same thing. Fortunately for those who find Future Suture, Collette becomes much more than your standard folk rock troubadour. It took me some time to discover this myself. Failing to sit through the whole record on various occasions, I was content to label the record as a B rate folk excursion that would be nice enough if it popped up on shuffle on my IPod but probably wasn’t a record that I would continue to go back to and that would eventually be removed from my little MP3 player in order to make room for more exciting newcomers. I honestly don’t know what part of me decided that this conclusion wasn’t enough and that I wasn’t going to do him the disservice of having a short attention span. After a few more listens, tracks like “The Country With A Smile” and “Ned’s Dream” popped out as undeniably beautiful and definitely mixtape worthy. A few more listens brought attention to the subtly powerful string and wind arrangements that bolstered tracks like “Forty Children” and “Lost And Found.” In fact, the more familiar I became with Future Suture the more giving it became revealing layer after meticulous layer of ingenious song-smithery and making me want to list off all nine tracks for their individual merits. So, with a little bit of effort, Collette’s sophomore effort has secured itself as a permanent feature on my IPod and one of those special albums that you want to listen too over and over again without ever skipping a track.

-Mr. Thistle

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