Tuesday, March 25, 2008

High Places - 03/07-09/07

High Places
(2008, eMusic)
Verdict = Pleasant Experimental Pop

In preparation for their highly anticipated debut, eMusic has exclusively released a compilation of already staggering highlights from the Pitchfork approved High Places. Usually I would try and act all high and mighty with a reference to “the devil’s website,” but I honestly would have had no clue who these guys were without that review, and yes I read Pitchfork daily (pause for gossipy whispers). Anywho, this isn’t a forum for arguing about ridiculous hipster posturing or anything like unto it, this is however a place to talk about note worthy music and High Places is definitely note worthy. Filled with bouncy, left field electronics and cutesy vocals, High Places is simple and satisfying. There is something about the bands music that is reminiscent of preschool, fruit, candy, crayons and cake. I don’t know exactly how to equate that except to say that there is absolutely no pretense here. High Places seem genuinely innocent and simply excited to make minimalistic booty-shakers topped with ethereal, childlike vocals. Think Black Dice meets Sesame Street. Just the thought makes me laugh. That would be a funny dance party. 03/07-09/07 is all of that and a bag of greasy Lays brand potato chips. With a promise of good things to come, High Places eMusic exclusive is already one of the most enjoyable releases so far this year.

-Mr. Thstle

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I would of paused for a gossipy whisper but alas I was reading the review alone.