Thursday, March 27, 2008

Samamidon - All Is Well

All Is Well
(02.2008, Bedroom Community)
Verdict = Simple Atmospheric Folk

Samamidon is known by his parents as Sam Amidon but I doubt you could judge the audible difference judging by Amidon’s slurry vocal delivery on his third release, All Is Well. Pitched with an atmospheric Americana, All Is Well flows like a tiny backwoods river floating lazily under cover of forest tangle. The ride is lethargic and seems to be an audible muscle relaxer. There is a warmth of production on All Is Well reminiscent of Vetiver or Hem. With its immaculate production, All Is Well doesn’t contain even the slightest crackling distraction from the lush instrumentation which carries the mood of the album. It is as if each copy of the album comes with its' own personal chamber orchestra to play along. It is with this lonely personalized touch that Amidon’s minor key ballads sink in like a knife, cutting your heart strings clear. From start to finish an air of waterlogged, Midwestern hopelessness floods your heart. Amidon’s numb vocals add to that backwater feel and can take a bit of time to warm up to. It is beautiful though and there are a couple songs like “Fall On My Knees” and “Little Satchel” after the midway mark that ease the dreariness. Overall, All Is Well is a charmingly elegant album that is worth a spin.

-Mr. Thistle

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