Friday, March 21, 2008

Valet - Naked Acid

Naked Acid
(03.2008, Kranky)
Verdict = Druggy, Gritty, Catty Psych

Back with a quick follow up to last years wonderful Blood Is Clean, Portland Oregon’s Honey Owens follow the same line of reason that produced her debut: stark, moody experimentalism waffling between druggy, drifty psych and gritty, drony no wave. Having been involved in several different experimental projects before starting her solo recording project as Valet, Owens has developed depth in a field of artists who often retread the same idea endlessly like they were chained to a treadmill. Naked Acid on the other hand (along with Blood Is Clean) is a dynamic, impressively multifaceted record that is always moving forward into new, murky waters creating a wonderfully cohesive ride. Consistency aside, Naked Acid never seems to reach quite as high as its predecessor. There is something indefinable that leaves portions of the album flat and ineffective as a whole. Perhaps a tint or three darker than her debut, Naked Acid’s morose, alienating grit seems to kind of grind a bit too deep. For some that may be preferable, but I found it a bit tiring. Regardless, Valet has given us a fair sophomore effort that demands that we keep an eye on Miss Owens.

-Mr. Thistle

Valet - "Kehaar"


Justin Snow said...

Blood Is Clean was an amazing album. I saw Valet play with White Rainbow and Atlas Sound not too long ago. I didn't get a chance to pick up this record at the show but from what I've heard, it's definitely not quite as good as her first. Maybe I'll pass on this one and wait for the third.

Anonymous said...

no no, this new record is just as amazing. remember that blood is clean came out a year before it was re-released on kranky on honey's own yarnlazer label. so its not such a quick follow up.. the new one is just as trippy and gorgeous, with more layers of vocals, drums and stuff. it has the same dark spirit as the first, wrapped in a lot of delay, loops, chants, strange beats and her awesome voice. some songs are more abstract and some are more song oriented. i enjoy all of it...i love it maybe even more than the first!

Anonymous said...

idwierd said...

Can you post a link for Blood Is Clean? Cant find it anywhere!!!