Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Ruby Suns - Sea Lion

The Ruby Suns
Sea Lion
(03.2008, Sub Pop)
Verdict = Sunny Experimental Folk

I’m pretty hip to smiling and to tropical vacations so it has been pretty easy for me to fall for The Ruby Suns’ Sea Lion. Sporting an addictive, island folk/pop with sublime major chord progressions, the band’s second album and Sub Pop debut is a wonderful treat. The band is bursting with melodies and unique song structures as if they had discovered a secret treasure trove of awesomeness. My immediate impression was to compare The Ruby Suns to The Annuals, and while Sea Lion has much of the spirit of The Annuals debut it also dips into much more psychedelic territory in the vein of Caribou and Animal Collective. Those comparisons are probably running rampant by now. They are good ones though. As much as I hate to compare bands, being in the company of Caribou, Animal Collective and The Annuals is a big time compliment. And as with the afore mentioned bands, The Ruby Suns maintain a signature sound that is all their own. Breezy acoustic guitars, island chorals, bouncy synths, tinkering bells and kitchen sink drums come together in a delicious pot of steamy, world infected pop. The record feels absolutely celebratory and is perfectly suited for ushering in the sun in even the most hopeless of weather situations. With absolutely no funds for a worthwhile spring break, listening to Sea Lion is the only substitute.

-Mr. Thistle


Justin Snow said...

As much as I enjoyed that video, I must say I wouldn't have paired their music with old, scratched up black and white film. Definitely an interesting choice.

That's the first time I've heard their music and I certainly liked it enough to explore a bit more. Thanks.

doctor saw said...

After reading this review, I actually went and purchased this album at my local record store.
And i think the whole 'spring break' comment was spot on :)
Actually, I thought track 6 (called 'Remember' I think) is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a long time. I love the harmonies.

so anyway, good review!