Thursday, March 27, 2008

Show In Review

The Alligators, David Williams, Headlights and Evangelicals at Kilby Court 3/26/08

The Alligators

Local Utah openers, The Alligators caught me off guard. They looked like old LoFi Cafe fans, complete with the hippest apparel and ultra styled hair cuts, attracting high school scenesters from all corners of the state. Then they played, and somehow I had heard their opening song from somewhere. I am still trying to figure out where that could have been. Anyways, what we heard was sugar coated upbeat pop that had infectious beats and forced an honest smile from my critically hardened lips. It wasn't amazing music, but it was enjoyable, and really sometimes that is all a band needs to put on a fantastic show.

David Williams
David Williams has surprisingly decided to go electric! His little folk tunes have taken on new life as of late in his live performances and have rocked the house down. It's the same great songwriting you have come to accept from Williams but with an little more pizazz.

Recorded Headlights are all right, but have failed to keep my interest long enough for me to want to make it through a full album. The forced hazy male vocals just kill me. Most the crowd was there to see Headlights and seemed to be enjoying their simplicity. I thought they would be fun enough live, but I was ultimately bored and couldn't wait for them to get off stage after about 3 pleasant syrup songs so that I could hear the real reason I came to the show.

After about three fourths of the crowd left, a lengthy set up, a broken monitor and an exploding light bulb, Evangelicals raped the Kilby stage and left the remaining fourth of the audience unable to do anything but rock out in live music satisfaction to the fullest. If anyone deserves to act like rock stars it's these fellas, but they only brought the swagger on stage and left it on stage once they were done playing. They were very humble, very nice, and soooo glam! Just imagine eyeliner, glitter, strobe lights, fog machines, capes, nail paint, walking on the drum set, hanging on the rafters, wailing on the guitar so hard it brought them to their knees rock and roll! The Evening Descends is one of the most amazing albums, if not the most amazing album of 2008 thus far and was given complete justice and then some performed live. Everyone who left - What were you thinking!?


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Wooly Mammal said...

To be fair, all the auidence that left was between 15-17, c'mon do you really think they could handle all that rock?

ps. you used the word rape in a review?