Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Balmorhea - River Arms

River Arms
(02.2008, Western Vinyl)
Verdict = Solid Plaintive Instrumentals

Balmorhea’s River Arms is undeniably beautiful. Made up of cinematic, neo classical compositions embedded with classical, post rock and Americana influences; Rivers Arms is filled to the brim with emotional musical motifs that seem bent on tugging at your heart strings. There are two challenges to composing this type of music. First, the album is competing in a market that is already saturated with numerous artists with ambitions to accomplish the exact same thing. Second, amongst the throng of instrumental piano/violin/acoustic guitar/etcetera crowd it can be difficult to create music that is truly emotive without coming off as, simply, emo. The cure to both problems requires taking risks in writing and playing that few attempt and even fewer are able to pull off. On Rivers Arms, Balmorhea stops short of even attempting anything unique and in doing so has relegated a very beautiful album to becoming background music. The album, while very pretty, is not head turning nor memorable and while it may be good music for breaking up with your girlfriend, you probably will forget that you even own it and miss the chance all together. I respect the group’s efforts here, but feel that Balmorhea will have to bring something much more interesting to the table before they can be mentioned notably among independent chamber/classical legends such as Rachels or Max Richter.

-Mr. Thistle

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Justin Snow said...

For some reason, it seems really difficult for bands like this to be unique and make a name for themselves more so than traditional rock bands. You're right, most of the time they get lost amongst the other bands or even within your own record collection. I've heard so many "post-rock" bands, they all seem to melt together in my brain. It becomes hard to distinguish sometimes.

Robert said...

I understand what you are saying and everything and it was nicely put, but have you seen balmorhea live?
they are ashtonishing, and unique!
you can't grasp the full feel of them without actually seeing them, i dont know what they did wrong, but something in the recording process because rivers arms does not capture the elegance of their strings and the riviting sounds of the drums.
some of the things they do is cutting edge, and sent chills down my spine.