Friday, April 22, 2011

Skeletons - PEOPLE (2011, Shinkoyo)

RIYL = The Dirty Projectors, Nat Baldwin, Extra Life

I don’t have a proper place to set down Skeletons. Money was better than you remember, and if you have not made memories with it, better than you think. So, this, the follow up to that, is something that I’ve been excited about for awhile and something for which I am happy to announce,now, after having given it time, my full satisfaction. Skeletons still seem to go wherever they want, despite where they might be expected to go, and yet, do not filter into those obtuse areas that are hard for Americans to stand in -- this is listenable (in an experimental? type way), and recognizable: singing, words, instruments, notes. In this space, however, PEOPLE bends past those identifiable albums who seem to inhabit the same categorical place for setting something down (to be grouped). I like Skeletons a lot for that. Perhaps respect them, more than like them. But I do like them, what am I saying? This stuff is brilliant, madcap, point-shifting R&B with a space-noise downward swirl, pop, and, really, independent rock n’ roll, (the way they all make it), but still pouring off the roof to a different gravity, with a soulful anchor. And in that way, there is confusion, when thinking comes into play. A bizarre play, but perfect one in the face of it. I say: Good job Skeletons, good job.

This is a terrible review of a great album.  New review:  PEOPLE is an awesome album by a band called Skeletons.

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