Friday, April 8, 2011

Lightning Bolt, Kilby Court, April 7th, 2011

First Start: Not planned, but convenient I’m posting this right after one with Scott Teplin’s hyper-detailed drawings of mangled vehicle viscera. Not that Brian Chippendale’s own drawings don’t represent the band well, but Teplin’s drawings, featured below, are very nearly the carnage, in visual form, that Lightning Bolt produces.

Start Over: People watching is best at Lightning Bolt concerts. First, it’s action–because you’re also watching out for yourself, in a sea of arms and sweat, not to be pushed into Chippendale’s blur-flail drumming and be jarred to bits. Second–and perhaps this is why I think this–the first time Erin and I saw Lightning Bolt, there was this girl across the way, right behind Brian Gibson, who we later dubbed “orgasm girl,” because of her clenched-eyed facial expressions in reaction to the noise.

New Start; Start 3: The quintessential live band. It’s no grand statement to say so. Everyone knows it’s truth. I remember reading about their live setup in CMJ magazine as a teenager, ordering their records because of it, waiting for the day that I would actually be a witness to it…

Doing a New Start, Again: Title: Lightning Bolt; a second date. First date was a few years ago with Erin. Me + Lightning Bolt was the reason Erin married me. So a second date, despite my wedded status, was always in the cards. What I’ve learned on date number 2: Lightning Bolt…

Show Cancelled because of VAN TROUBLE!!!!

Tickets will be refunded through ticket vendors, blah, blah, blah.

Stood up.  Stood up on our second date. 

Epic fail.

Here's to hoping Boise doesn't suffer the same fate.

Seriously, I was looking forward to this show more than any in recent memory.

So, Erin and I have resolved to move to Providence.  I'll get that second date Lightning Bolt, and you're paying for dinner.

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t. said...

Providence, Utah?! We'll be closer than close!

jk. I know it's not Providence, Utah.