Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jookabox - The Eyes of the Fly (2011, Asthmatic Kitty)

RIYL = Danielson, Akron/Family, Animal Collective

Jookabox have graduated (they did awhile ago, actually) from their Grampall days, and have, in the transition, switched out their instruments in preference of playing music reflected off the summer sun. Those thick, rope-beams of light their strings, and with objects of tin, plenty reflected moments of buttery drumming. The repurposing of sunshine for sound is what makes Jookabox the plenty-wonderful maestros of hyper-avant pop music; and dancing. The thought of using the sun this way (and to use the SUN, that in and of itself) is a testament to the imagination of these blokes. It plays out in their tunes. Imagination balled up then exploded.  A full stream of joy-turned songs in a constant barrage.

Though, unfortunately, there is an Icarus element to this tale. The Eye of the Fly is, apparently, the moment of Jookabox being, with their playing of the sun, burned flush to the core. As their Bandcamp proclaims: “Jookabox is dead[,] long live Jookabox.”

Making the album a well spun tombstone, meant for revisiting often.

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