Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ponytail - Do Whatever You Want All the Time (2011, We Are Free)

RIYL = Boredoms, Gang Gang Dance, Battles

Some reasons I like Ponytail are that, like the horsebutt hairstyle they’ve identified themselves by, they are wondrous childlike with energy beams out their collective foreheads (you can steer the unicorn beam by means of ponytail-as-handle). That and the lickity-splitness of their guitars, Molly Siegel‘s girly yell-yell, the gentle, bright-eyed sparkle of it all -- it’s the Baltimore that we all believe in. Do Whatever You Want All the Time takes the dirt-eating, elementary madness of their earlier efforts and sets it in the restraints of junior high school: pimpled to the heavens, still with mass-energies (vending machines for lunch), hormonal, but feigning something like maturity. The brightness of punk in the hands of these Ponytail-ers is glitter and teeth and rocks and summer at nighttime with the windows down, Fun Dip and a denim vest (with a Black Flag patch). The cover overwhelms, but the music only goes so far as to charm madly. Majorly crushing on this album.

Ponytail 'Easy Peasy'

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