Monday, April 11, 2011

Danielson - Best of Gloucester County (2011, Sounds Familyre)

How to still like Danielson after 5 years: listen to Best of Gloucester County. Seems simple enough–it’s more than obvious–but without a glowing critical endorsement, it just might be something you forget to do. There’s a lot of music out there. And it’s true, this isn’t Ships. But it is Danielson. And Danielson is, without a doubt, one of the genius music-making machines of this, our times. Don’t worry about Sufjan playing banjo across the album. It doesn’t mean anything. Simply put, Danielson starts off in Danielson territory, then veers into DanielsON territory, which is something more free-floating, less jaunty-percussive. This, “simply put,” doesn’t mean anything. The bands edges are softer, that’s all. Still, give it its proper due. This is album is for you. Love it. I do.

Danielson - Best of Gloucester County - Olympic Portions

Danielson - Best of Gloucester County - Hovering Above That Hill

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