Monday, April 25, 2011

Capillary Action - Capsized (2011, Natural Selection)

RIYL = Skeletons, The Weird Weeds, Extra Life

Capsized is jaunty and whipping, markedly tonguing the space between pop music and, well, everything else. It's an album filled with corners, turning you a sharp ninety degrees in one direction before sloping back a quick one-fifty and spitting you out in another direction. That being the case, preliminary listens can be a bit disorienting. It’s an adventure listen, there’s no doubt about that.

This is what Capillary Action has a mind for: Spinning you so precisely as to unravel your brain tissue.

At which point, once unravelled, band leader Jonathan Pfeffer handles the coils, hitting various pleasure points with clinical accuracy. It’s a ridiculous surgery, sure, perhaps a risky one, but a procedure well worth undertaking.  (As is any album that is surgical.)

So press past disorientation.  This is an album that rewards every repeat listen bountifully.

Upside-down as often as it is right-side-up, Capsized is another agitated notch of maniacal, rib-loosening pop music from the constantly inventive Capillary Action.

Capillary Action - Brackish Love (Radio Edit) by Jonathan Pfeffer

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