Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grouper - A I A (2011)

So, Grouper’s latest, A I A, was sold out before it was even released. The vinyl at least. I guess that’s what you get when you match the dark horse of ephemeral ghost-haze with Mississippi Records, a Portland label with only an email address (still, a label we love here at FG). Did no one see this coming? Kids are like piranhas these days when it comes to Grouper on vinyl. Virtually all of her recorded LPs are out of print (this despite each having been repressed numerous times). Didn’t anyone stop for a second and think, hmmm, people seem to really enjoy these Grouper records, maybe we should press a few more. Do you not make more money when you sell more records? Guarantee that within a week, there’ll be copies of A I A up on eBay for a boat of diamonds.

 Of course, there is some substance to the madness; Liz’s voice has a way of pulling ships at sea into the rocks. Though, on A I A, containing a double dosage, you can no longer sit safely landlocked. Expect plenty of reports in the coming days of cars, trucks, bicyles, trains -- falling into the sea. A I A is like that: drowning.

Grouper - Dragging The Streets (first heart tone)

Grouper - She Loves Me That Way

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