Friday, April 1, 2011

Bird Names - Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun (2011, Northern Spy)

RIYL: Pumice, Times New Viking, Deerhoof

Pop music, children’s toys, hair, bread crumbs, loose thread, door hinges without doors attached, small animals, medium-sized animals, animal mediums, wax, tin, broken combs, stray comb teeth, marble pouches, marbles, shingles in the front yard, matted grass, attic space, old speeches with folds in them, cursive handwriting, calculators, picture books about foliage, empty jewel cases, chair legs independent of chairs, stray mouth-teeth, plastic, baseball cards, small rocks, mice bones, wood, bubble gum, black dirt, rust, light fixtures, nets made of shoe laces, the inside of a baseball, cardboard, wet paint, garbage trucks, silt, smiling, talking, early spring, ants, insects, frowning, empty tree branches, empty bicycle frames, sun dresses, strawberries, sparks, light switches, burnt marshmallows, bird wings, sunken treasure, elliptical machines in junk yards, buttons for clothing, buttons for pressing, sticky notes, folded notes, love notes, socks, empty keyboards, picture frames, glass, rain, hands with fingers, Scotch tape, staples.

Bird Names - Kiss My Ring

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Cap'n Jazz much?