Friday, July 6, 2007

The Number - Small EP

The Number
Small EP
(2007, Creation Centre)

In comparison to some of the other EPs produced by the Creation Center, the title to The Number's contribution to the label can be a little misleading. In length it may just be the longest than any of the other selections they have released. The Number's Small EP is also not lacking for content in the length of their compositions. An instrumental affair, the songs on The Number's Small EP would probably fit well next the most recent Do Make Say Think album or anything on the Temporary Residence record label (Explosions in the Sky, Sonna, Cex). There is something about this batch of four songs that is magical. Like the soundtracking of a magical forest, The Number plays lifting, eccentric compositions that dance around with an army of deftly plucked strings. This is coupled with an optimism builds through the first three before dropping back into reality (or possibly worse) on the fourth track “You,” which defers optimism for claustrophobia. As a whole, The Number's Small EP is exceedingly worthy of the time necessary to download.

-Mr. Thistle

The Number - Morning Music Refills

DOWNLOAD the Small EP as zip file

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