Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Luke Temple - Hold A Match For A Gasoline World


Luke Temple
Hold A Match For A Gasoline World
(2005, Mill Pond Records)

Luke Temple is a singer-songwriter with heartfelt personal lyrics..... that statement I just wrote is ususally something that would make me a little cautious of an album. In fact, I hardly ever even look into so called "singer-songwriters." Hold A Match For A Gasoline World is an album that Mr. Thistle showed to me a few years ago, and since discovery it has become a sure staple in my music collection. It's laid back Northwestern feel and simple melodies are incredibly charming. The lyrics are honest and interesting. It's somewhat of a autobiographical album for Temple. The album is simply Temple's vocals and his guitar, occaisional coupled by light percussion. Sounds boring right? It's not. Every song is a gem, as well as incredibly singable. Even everyone's mom can sing along to the second track on the album, "Make Right With You" since it was featured on Grey's Anatomy. Temple's new album, Snow Beast is scheduled to come out this summer, and if it's anything like Hold A Match For A Gasoline World, then I am looking forward to discovering a new beautiful album.

- Sassigrass

Luke Temple- Private Shipwreck

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Mr. Thistle said...

I love this album. Especially the first half. 8.5 for sure. Didn't know a knew album was coming out so yeah yeah!