Monday, July 2, 2007

Mark Templeton - Holden Into Ryley EP

Mark Templeton
Holden Into Ryley EP
(2007, Anticipate)
(This week, upon discovering a treasure trove of free downloadable EPs online, Forest Gospel is bent on providing you with a review each day of this beautifully free music along with links to its location to download. Why not? They’re free!)

Starting with the crème of the crop. Marc Templeton recently released his debut full length Standing on a Hummingbird (review hopefully forthcoming) as the flagship release for the new New York label Anticipate. A better selection couldn’t be made be any label as Templeton’s organically infused electro-acoustics rival like minded compatriots Keith Fullerton Whitman, Christian Fennesz and Geoff Mullen for the heavy weight title in a genre overwrought with imitators. In conjunction with Templeton’s full length release, Anticipate has seen fit to release the Holden Into Ryley EP for download, free on the labels website. Consisting of four unreleased tracks (clocking in at just over 22 minutes!), Holden Into Ryley is basically a minimalist extention of the beautiful Standing on a Hummingbird. Templeton plays with glitch oriented samples along with textured looping in order to create free form compositions that are at once beautiful and expansive. Templeton ends the EP with a chopped up vocal sample set to acoustic guitar, cementing his craft in gold. Download it now!

-Mr. Thistle

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