Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comets On Fire - Avatar

Comets On Fire
(2006, Sub Pop)

Yesterday I was driving home from work (the FG home office of course) and I got this incredible itch for some squealing rock that I was having the hardest time satisfying. I was scrolling back and forth through my Ipod trying to find something to satisfy it and was coming up shorthanded. Final I scrolled across Comets On Fire and remembered that I really hadn’t given their 2006 release, Avatar, much of a chance in comparison to their previous scorcher Blue Cathedral. I think the logical argument in my head went on somewhat pretentiously along the lines of it being against its much cleaner production and the fact that you could actually distinguish the lead singer’s vocals. I was getting desperate so I thought that it was about time for a second round and I let the opener “Dogwood Rust” loose on my stereo. My auditory itch was immediately pleased and I realized that Avatar is a lot better than I let myself believe. Not being obscured by their previous “arty” static overload, Comets On Fire reveal themselves as an absolute virtuoso band, taking on 70’s guitar anthems with more ferocity than your likely to hear recorded anywhere. Comets On Fire have accomplished something here that should be the goal of every rock band in existence, they have recorded an album who’s passion bleeds through to the point that you tell yourself “I have to see these guys live.”

-Mr. Thistle

Comets on Fire - Dogwood Rust

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Sassigrass said...

And it has killer cover art!