Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Introduction To A Magical Genre

Today is a very magical day, and with all the wizardry floating around in the air due to the release of the Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, I thought it would be an appropriate day to introduce you to a genre that you may not be familiar with. WIZARD ROCK! Sounds ridiculous right? Well it is, but it's pretty amazing at the same time, amazing that over 60+ bands have emerged in the "Wizard Rock" category since the first release of the J.K. Rowling cult classic. The bands are all directly related to Harry Potter and include: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Band, Ron and the Weasley's, Lord Voldemort's Lonely Horcrux Band, Mostly Muggles, Remus and the Lupin's, Severely Snaped, Team Divination, The Hungry Hungry Hipogriffs, The Ministry of Magic, The Owl Post, The Unforgiveable Curses, Whomping Willows and a whole lot more. Of course, the stars of Wizard Rock are brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge who started the first known Wizard Rock band, Harry and the Potters. Most the Wizard Rock bands are fanatics making crappy Garage Band music and people just joking around, but Harry and the Potters are serious about their music, well... sort of. They have released three albums and have done full US and European tours. In fact, I personally saw them at Kilby court last summer. It was an incredible age span, with quite a few members of the audience being under 10yrs of age. Both the DeGeorge brothers dress as Harry Potter for the shows and both claim to be Harry. One states that he is 1st yr Harry and the other claims to be 5th yr Harry. The story goes- they used Hermoine's time turner from book 3 to join the two Harry's and form the most rocking wizard band that ever will be. Their live show is very entertaining, usually opening with crowd favorite and chant along "Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock!" then"Save Ginny Weasley," and "This Book Is So Awesome!" Harry and The Potters will be rocking our dear Salt Lake City Library on this August 11th. If you like the Harry Potter book's you are sure to at least be entertained by their humorous lyrics, but the DeGeorge brothers energy is sure to wear you out- even if you are a marathon runner. The music isn't amazing, by any means. It sounds like the half serious/ half joke band that everyone had in high school. Their music pretty much sucks and their only talent lies in lyrical stand-up. Most Wizard Rock bands are novelty commedy acts rather than musical acts. It's definitely for a selected Harry fan audience, but if you are into magic and a little juvenile innocent fun- Harry and The Potters live show is sure to rock muggles, squibs and wizards alike into magical bliss.

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Mr. Thistle said...

Man, that movie was a little rough, don't you think? I want to see it again but I don't think I really missed anything - it just wasn't there.