Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Guest Review: The White Stripes - Icky Thump

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Guest Review
The White Stripes
Icky Thump
(2007, Warner Bros)

I think this album fully encompasses who The White Stripes really are. Unlike previous albums that don’t entirely capture the insanely massive ego of Jack White III, for Icky Thump he said goodbye to producers and decided this album would be his and his alone. From the silly button covered suits to the terrible title to the pretentious and poorly worded intro notes (written, of course, by III (aka Jack White III – which is a ridiculous notion regardless since his birth name is actually John Anthony Gillis, how exactly does he decide he is third in a line of Jack Whites?)), this album would appear to be a bust. But oh no music lover, it only gets worse once you actually listen to the record. Icky Thump sounds like the worst “Best of the 70’s Rock” compilation you’ve come across in your local Walgreens. It lacks any emotion on any level and relies heavily on the same guitar rifts we have previously heard in past White Stripes albums. Transitions from song to song are awkward at best, and Meg continues to fail to grow as a drummer (considering she is a 10 year veteran that is a damn shame). I’ve heard more creative (and on beat) drumming from the pre-recorded beats of a Casio keyboard. If you really want to listen to a solid rock album with true soul, try, local favorites, The Red Bennies. They put Jack White III to shame.

-The Dung Beatles

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Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more. they are so overrated and it seems no one has the guts to say it.