Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Everyone Alive Wants Answers
(Leaf, 2003)

Producing miniature loop based suites; Colleen’s debut Everyone Alive Wants Answers plays like an elaborate dream or a lulling nightmare. The pseudonym of artist Cecile Schott, Colleen has released two proper full length records since her debut, including this year’s Les Ondes Silencieuses which sees her expanding into more classical areas. Even with her constantly forward thinking and consistently mesmerizing catalog it is Everything Alive Wants Answers that truly bewitches beyond all else. Mixing beauty with magic and magic with mystery and mystery with horror, Everything Alive Wants Answers could have easily been the cinematic mood piece that has spun Pan’s Labyrinth. Colleen incorporates an organic nature to her electronic stylings that involves a barrage of classical instruments along with purposeful recording methods and found sound and field recordings. Schott shows her mastery of the mini opus with pop sized gems that instantly transform you inner disposition. While the first halve may playfully lift, depending on your temperament, the second halve of the disc dips undoubtedly into creepier territory, guiding you through a serious of slightly off-kilter music box sonatas. All and all, Colleen’s debut is a masterfully unique piece of art that must be heard to be truly understood.

-Mr. Thistle


Anonymous said...

Your last three posts say "Colleen." The two newest separate artist and album by comma, as opposed to the previous hyphen.

Mr. Thistle said...


keep us on our toes...