Thursday, July 19, 2007

Minus Story - My Ion Truss

Minus Story
My Ion Truss
(2007, Jagjaguwar)

Minus Story has been a Forest Gospel staple for some time now. 2004's The Captain is Dead. Let the Drum Corps Dance and 2005's No Rest For Ghosts are FG essentials. So, you must read this critique in context. I like My Ion Truss a lot. It will certainly have a cozy spot on my year end list and is definitely recommended listening. The thing is, in the wake of two of the most influential albums in my home catalog My Ion Truss can only struggle to avoid being slightly disappointing. Minus Story has, for the first time, started to tread water. Even so, the water they are treading is still delicious. There is no way to evade Minus Story's knack for building melodically redeeming songs anchored by terrific drumming, and Jordan Geiger's quirky frog voice and strange lyrics are all intact here. I really shouldn't have such a negative tone towards this release, it just kind of nags at you. To Minus Story's credit, on My Ion Truss the band has created some of the most rocking songs since their debut. If MIT was released by a much younger band I would probably be slinging the accolades left and right. As it stands, My Ion Truss is just another brick in Minus Story's discography, one that they can hopefully build on in more interesting ways in the future.

-Mr. Thistle

Minus Story - Stitch Me Up


cory said...

i love this album. but you are right, not totally up to par in comparison to their others. but a good intro album for listeners who might think the older stuff to "weird". i like the blog!

Anonymous said...

agreed, but you are more reviewing the band here and not the actual album. the album is a+, even if it is not the band's best.