Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who's Your Favorite Son, God? - Out of Body Diva

Who’s Your Favorite Son, God?
Out of Body Diva
(03.2008, Holy Mountain)
Verdict = this album will break your bones even if your sitting still

It is beginning to actually feel like summer here in Salt Lake City (knock on wood) with snow only falling once every other week or so. Seriously though, for all the Godliness of this place, you would think that we might be able to manage a more consistent weather pattern. Fortunately, Who’s Your Favorite Son, God? is here to manage my temperament rain or shine. Bleating and contorting through their manic, blistering debut on Holy Mountain (after The Julie Mittens I just couldn’t leave HM down for long), Out of Body Diva, is the perfect mind scrambling blitzkriegery with which to reboot to. Chaotic and surging in and out of cohesiveness, WYFSG is impulsive in all the right ways. Improvisationally hectic enough to have you verging on a full body melt down, but right-minded enough to reign you in just before the impending collapse with jagged riffs and gilded hooks. I listen to my fare share of ADHD, spazzed out noise rock, but somehow WYFSG manage to avoid comparisons and are all the better for it. For its short time span, listening to Out of Body Diva is surprisingly exhausting. Like, ‘you’ll physically collapse after listening to it’ exhausting. Seems WYFSG know exactly how far they can push it with their mind altering clatter. Out of Body Diva is a rockin’ exorcism of the highest variety.

-Mr. Thistle

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nice review. gotta get my ears around this!