Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alan Wilkis - Babies Dream Big

Alan Wilkis
Babies Dream Big
(2008, Wilcassettes)
Verdict = Just in time for Summer

First off, thank you Alan Wilkis for finding us and having the mind enough to know that we would love Babies Dream Big. Alan dropped this on us pretty much out of the blue and we have had our heads bobbing ever since. Babies Dream Big is Wilkis’ amalgamation of everything good about the 60's 70’s and 80’s. Light hearted and groovy as all get out, Babies Dream Big incorporates all of it; blazing guitar riffs, rubbery electronic bass, addictive Casio keyboard lines and soulful R&B vocals. It is pretty much impossible to sit still and keep a straight face while the album is playing. The entirety of the album is simply chock full of life affirming smiles and booty shaking grooves. It is completely fresh too. Despite its endless retro influences, Babies Dream Big is a perfect release for 2008 with light hints of The Dirty Projectors, plenty of Dan Deacon-esque goofery and more white soul than Jamie Lidell could ever hope for. Seeing as how every track can’t be my favourite, gems like “Burnin’,” “Milk and Cookies” and “In My Dreams” are perfect tracks for any good mixtape. Ultimately, Babies Dream Big is a supremely sequenced album of hits from front to back. It is kind of suprising really, since most of the time when listening to an album as care free and dancy as this there is parades of filler, and only a few jams worthy of repeat listens. With Wilkis, however, the prerogative to keep things awesome throughout reigns true. Grab this album because you won’t want to be caught with you windows rolled down this summer unless you’re blasting Babies Dream Big.

-Mr. Thistle

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