Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jim Noir - Self Titled

Jim Noir
Jim Noir
(04.2008, Barsurk)
Verdict = Kaleidoscopic pop magic

Ok, I’m just going to put this out there: has 2008 been going a bit slow so far? I mean obviously there have been plenty of great releases and what not, but it seems like there have been fewer releases that have been sticking. This is most likely the result of bad listening habits rather than shallow music. If you are a religious FG reader and have been wondering why we’ve been so skittery in our recent postings, it’s because it is the summer and we decided to take it as such and only post when we feel like it for awhile which means only the stuff that demands us to write about it is going up. Jim Noir fits this category perfectly. Distilling elements of pure pop bliss as found in bands such as Caribou, The Beach Boys, Dungen, The Beta Band, Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Ruby Suns (among plenty of others), Noir has produced an album that has to be mentioned as well as one of the most substantial pop statements of 2008 thus far. On his sophomore, self titled release Noir employs a variety of giddy harmonies, flashy electronics and golden melodies to create a full length album packed with exotic colours and plenty of sun. Noir is an able one man band here as well with instruments soaring in from all angles and vocals of all different treatments rising in the mêlée. Dynamic, inventive, creative and seated in retro psychedelics, Noir’s sophomore effort is beautiful. I don’t know if it is the cover that has implanted this in my head, but the whole album feels like floating through some vibrant nebula in a space suit just smiling away into the void. With an album this potent it won’t take much cajoling to get me to grab Noirs debut release, Tower of Love.

-Mr. Thistle

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