Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pete & The Pirates - Little Death

Pete & The Pirates
Little Death
(02.2008, Stolen)
Verdict = this album is as awesome as its cover

Sassigrass says I’m wrong, but I just can’t shake the fact that Pete & The Pirates’ Little Death sounds a whole lot like The Figurines’ Skeleton. After her insistence that they are definitely distinguishable and my repeated listens thereafter it is pretty obvious that I am mostly an idiot. Still, it feels like The Figurines and if you like The Figurines you’ll love Pete & The Pirates. I mean really, feel free to choose any fledgling indie band busting out infectious power chords and you’ll be able to reference them to Pete & The Pirates, but that doesn’t mean that don’t do what they do well. In fact, I would be quite happy to post up Pete and his Pirates against anyone making waves under those genre flags, because they do it as well as anyone. Little Death contains perfectly formed pop songs that are easy to love, the kind of record that you can always listen to with satisfactory results. Right now the Ipod jack in my car is busted so I’ve had to revert to an old CD changer with the capacity to hold 10 albums. For some people 10 albums is more than enough to have on hand at all times, but for all the driving I do back and forth from work and in and out of downtown and for all the music that I listen to, 10 albums is pretty limited. I mean it is kind of liberating in a way not having to sort through the 782 artist on my Ipod in order to find one to listen to, but there is also the factor of having nothing to want to listen to. That is where Pete & The Pirates come in. I always leave a slot for Little Death in the changer because, while I sort various new, inconsistent and difficult records, it is inevitable that I will need a solid, energetic pop record sometimes to just enjoy life to. Little Death is that record.

-Mr. Thistle

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