Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shows This Week

Thursday (5.29), Casiotone For The Painfully Alone will bring his Eeyore-esque cloud of mopesterness (good word huh?) along with Foot Foot to Kilby Court to start off the weekend a day in advance this week.

Friday (5.30), Joan Of Arc and The Future of the Ghost are playing The Urban Lounge, but to be honest, I am pretty sick of The Urban Lounge with all their late shows and bar atmospherics. I am just an old women though, I’m sure you kids would love it.

Friday (5.30), Kilby Court will have the distinct pleasure of hosting indie rock heroes, White Rabbits and The Furs. Nothing else to say really on that one…er, we like White Rabbits?

Saturday (5.31), Cryptacize will fill Kilby Court with their quaint, off kilter take on indie pop. Oh, did I mention that Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof) is in the band? If I didn’t, I’m sure someone else will.

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