Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hula Hooper - Good Morning Good Evening

Hula Hooper
Good Morning Good Evening
(04.2008, Creation Centre)
Verdict = A must have; terrifically gorgeous!

We here at FG have spoken highly of the wonderful Creation Centre label before, but for those who missed those appreciative remarks, the web based label have a penchant for releasing awesome EP sized music from all ranges of up and coming experimental artists. Their catalog is mostly light hearted and beautiful and always high quality. The most incredible part about it all is that their releases are free. That’s right, you can hop on over to creation-centre.com right now and download everything they’ve ever released. The first item on your list, however, must be Hula Hooper’s Good Morning Good Evening. Hooper’s four song release with Creation Centre last month may very well be my favourite of the whole lot (OK, lets just say it’s a tie with Miki Odagiri’s Fables). At the very least, the opening track, “Respiration 1,” with over 8 minutes of glowingly atmospheric vocal loops has to be my very favourite track from the label as well as one of my favourite songs so far for 2008. To quote the mini album description on the site: “lovely is an understatement.” And for only spanning 4 songs, Good Morning Good Evening is just about as dynamic as it gets, flowing from the opening ambience into a lilting summer jam “light” that simply can’t be played without transporting you to some tropical paradise. “Evening Song” flows wonderfully dreamlike, adding plush electronics and bells to Hooper’s melodious vocal croon. The album closes with, “Reach,” a breezy pop song and actual lyrics. Download this right now and inject your life with a potent shot of beauty and happiness, you’ll be glad you did.

-Mr. Thistle

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kelly brooke said...

wow wow wow, creation centre keeps bringing the heat