Friday, May 2, 2008

{{{Sunset}}} - Bright Blue Dreams

Bright Blue Dreams
(03.2008, Autobus)
Verdict = America’s New Beta Band

The demise of The Beta Band was a tough one for me. The band’s weird mix of hip hop beats and slow baked bizarre-pop was truly transcendent. The demise of Sound Team, however, wasn’t that tough for me; probably because I never listened to them. I think I may have heard an MP3 once, but even now I don’t really have a strong enough desire to look them up and describe the differences between them and bassist Bill Baird’s new project {{{Sunset}}}. All I know is that it is about time someone resurrected The Beta Band and molded it into something new. I don’t know whether {{{Sunset}}} would find that flattering, demeaning or annoying, but there really isn’t any way around it in my mind. On Bright Blue Dreams, Baird has built meandering pop concoctions with a heavy heart beat, a druggy mist and a left field pitch that sinks deep into your skin. As difficult as it is to be pegged in the shadows of another band, Baird does things right here in taking an idea and making it wholly his own. {{{Sunset}}} is successful because while I personally might be reminded of The Beta Band, it is just as easy to distinguish Bright Blue Dreams on its own merits (apparently I am just too lazy to do so). The light hearted, major chord drowsiness that permeates the album is simply blissful and rewarding. The songs aren’t densely arranged with too many surprising twists and turns, however, repeated listens are recommended as the subtly of production genius seems to bleed through endlessly on each spin. So, again, I’m not trying to box in {{{Sunset}}} with the endless Beta Band referencing, I’m just saying this: I loved the Beta Band, but now that {{{Sunset}}} is here I can stop worrying about the former's grand reunion. Or this: thank you Bill Baird.

-Mr. Thistle

{{{Sunset}}} - "Man's Heart Compaint"

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Anonymous said...

Me too. Fell in the love with the Beta Band vibe and have found more going on here than meets the ear.