Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will Sartain - Bash Your Face In

Will Sartain
Bash Your Face In
Verdict: Salt Lake City emo

Will Sartain is a solid singer songerwriter, however, his experimental flair that reared it's head in Bash Your Face In has a little polish work to be done. Most the songs on the album are actually reworked acoustic Future Of The Ghost songs. I liked them once, and I like some of them ever better the second time around, except for the vocal recordings that are scattered throughout the tracks, in between the tracks, before the tracks and just about anywhere they could be squeezed. The voices are muttered statements that seem a bit inflated and overly dramatic which makes the album a little too revealing, a little too emo. It's interesting to have a careful listen one time through to understand what is being said, especially when various people's vocals are layered all talking about random but somehow linked ideas, but it's draining on repetative listens, espeically when the recordings are primarily one voice. This reminds me very much of I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, except in those recordings Arthur Enders was recording crazy people saying crazy things rather than emotional statements. It was more of an experiment rather than an audio diary. Don't get me wrong, the songs sans the rants are absolutely gorgeous, with layered vocals, interesting melodies, and accoutics recorded masterfully. I just wish the filler distractions weren't so strong to the point that they subtract from the overall listening experience.


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